Sunday, September 23, 2007

All We Have

One thing that I really really miss about Winona Lake is the musical worship at the church I was attending while living there. I was always so astounded by the amount of talented musicians that played on the wide variety of worship teams there. It was such a small town, yet there was an amazing abundance of truly gifted musicians. And the music was chosen with such a sensitivity and leading of the spirit. When worshipping there, I would usually experience such a depth and intimacy in the musical worship, nothing like I've experienced before. Compared to other worship experiences I've had, I felt as though there was a rare maturity about it all. A lot of the songs were written by the worship pastor, Kondo Simfukwe, who in my mind stands equivalent to the great hymn writers of the old days. A modern day psalmist for sure. His worship songs are clearly soaked in a tremendous understanding of God's word, the music has a beautiful way of highlighting the lyrics, and simply turns the heart toward the God of the universe. In his songs there is generally very little focus on self, and the focus is directed on the character of God. All of the songs chosen for Sunday carried the same characteristics. I purchased a CD from the church before I left and it has been a great reminder of how my understanding of deep meaningful worship changed during my season in Indiana.
A new CD called All We Have has just been released. It contains many of Kondo's songs and was recorded in Nashville. It's being distributed to local Christian radio in the US as we speak. The music is truly a unique gift to contemporary worship, I pray that it becomes well known throughout the world. It's the kind of music that definitely inspires growth and contemplation. It guides us into the awe and wonder that turns the focus from ourselves and points our hearts towards the God of the universe.

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