Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I'm sooo sick of being sick. It seems almost unreal the amount of viruses I've had since September. After spending another weekend fighting off my 8 or 9th cold of the season, which immediately followed a horrible stomach flu (1 of 3), I've just had it. I'm so frustrated that I just want to give up on everything. . . no point trying to be healthy because it clearly doesn't make a difference - nothing works and I've tried it all. I'm so tired of having to pretend that I'm not sick by forcing my way through a day of teaching even though I feel achy, feverish, stuffed up and in a daze. I'm tired of spending my hard earned money on advil, neocitron, cough syrup and cold fx. I'm tired of not being able to enjoy my days off because most of them are spent trying to recoup. And I'm tired of losing money because I have to call in sick so that I can spend an intimate day with my toilet. . . . I feel so ungrateful anytime I complain because my health could be way worse, I think of those who are truly suffering and my minor viruses seem like rays of sunshine in comparison. I suppose my only option is to endure . . . and hope that this is it.