Monday, November 09, 2009

Snack Time!

I'm totally addicted to BNL's children's CD SnackTime! It's been out for a while, but with all of the Steven Page controversy I've avoided downloading it for a while. I really wish that I downloaded it sooner though. . . . I have been playing it during gathering time for all of my classes for the past week and I can't get enough! I love it so much that I even listen to it in the car. . . where there are no children. . . . well except for one child at heart! My job requires me to listen to a lot of children's music , and I do like a lot of the kiddie CD's out there but BNL is by far my fav. It not only appeals to children but to grown-ups too . . . I particularly enjoy all of the Canadiana references:) I highly recommend Snacktime for anyone with children . . . or without .. . who says that you need children to have fun and enjoy some great music:)