Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More Running Reflections

> One of my friends who gave birth last week was trying to describe the labour process to me. She compared it to Running. Same exertion, only during labour there's no indication of where the finish line is. She said, "I knew what my finish line was, seeing my baby, but I didn't have a clue when it would happen." When I'm out on a run I have the advantage of knowing where the finish line is, which for me is home. I also use my stop watch to tell me how much time I have left. I suppose the analogy of running without knowing where the finish line is, is a great example of life. Isn't that what I'm doing in this life? Running a race knowing what the finish line will be, eternal worship of God -but not knowing when it will happen.

> I'm finding there to be a nice little camaraderie among runners, well runners on my regular running path anyway. Most of the time when I pass another runner heading in the opposite direction there's a lovely little wave exchanged. I like those little waves. It's like we're saying to each other "You can do it!! I know what you're going through." I find it encouraging.
It's nice in life when someone who is enduring the same race gives a little wave. Although I've learned the hard way that sometimes those little waves really mean nothing. It's those who have stopped heading in their own direction and have turned around to run beside me for a bit who have really encouraged me to persevere.