Sunday, May 03, 2009


I feel sorry for Dandelions. Why is it that they aren't good enough to be treated just like every other flower. Yes, yes, I know technically they are a "weed" , but they are pretty like other flowers. I was reminded of this when my niece pointed to the "pretty yellow flowers" on the grass the other day and we just ignored her cause they are not "flowers" they are "weeds" yuck. . . . somehow lovely little dandelions have become a "dirty weed". Children always see them as flowers. I remember wanting to pick them as a little girl just like Julia, and would often gather bunches for my Mom or teacher. And when giving them there was always this 'thank you for the thought, but ewww' look on their face. Soon one catches on that they are just a "weed" so don't stop to admire anymore and worry when they pop up on their lawn. Why is it a faux pas to leave them on your lawn? If you ask me the Dandelion is adorable, bright, cheerful and very unique. How many flowers turn into fun white fluff balls that can be blown everywhere? The dandelion is clearly evidence of how our inner most child and natural appreciation for beauty is far too often squashed.