Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It's Monarch Time!!!

I love Monarch migration season!! There's nothing like driving down the Gardiner expressway and seeing dozens of orange and black butterflies fluttering about as they make their long journeys south. It will take those Butterflies months to reach Mexico. I've seen so many this week as I've made my way into work, and I can't help but smile every time. There's something so hopeful about seeing those delicate creatures so determined to accomplish their goals. It makes me think, 'Wow! if such a small creature can strive to reach such an enormous goal, I surely can go for my goals.' How amazing is it that God would use something so small to teach such enormous life lessons.
Just keep going and as you strive, your God given beauty will shine and
He will be glorified.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

being home

I've been home for 6 weeks now, and I'm still in reverse culture shock. Ok it's not exactly "culture" shock, but it's shock of some sort. I just don't think that the new me knows exactly how to function in this familiar environment. I was so different a year ago. The new me just won't fit into the mold that was the old me. Being home has been odd and uncomfortable. Perhaps I'm just not comfortable with who I've become as I'm surrounded by so many reminders of the "old" me. I feel like a stranded puzzle piece that's constantly trying to fit herself into the wrong puzzle.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Little Miss Plump

When I was a kid I used to read the Little Miss series. One of my favourites was little Miss Plump. She was a Miss who ate a lot and was rather greedy. The other day I was looking for my old Little Miss Books and found most of them except Little Miss Plump. I decided that I'd buy myself another copy just for reminiscing purposes. I can't believe that Little Miss Plump no longer exists, now she's "Little Miss Greedy". I suppose it's politically incorrect to call her Plump, but hey it's better than Little Miss Fat-so. Little Miss Greedy is so boring and clearly put on her by some self-righteous publisher. I don't think that calling someone "plump" is politically incorrect at all. As a matter of fact I like to refer to myself as a little plump. Little Miss Greedy will always be Little Miss Plump to me. No worries "Little Miss Greedy" I like you for who you are, plumpness and all!!!!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Ending my American Addictions

Tonight I finished the final diet Wild Cherry Pepsi from the case that I smuggled into the country last month. As I savoured my last sip I felt a twinge of sadness, but at the same time I was pretty relieved too. I got totally addicted to this stuff while in Indiana. I knew that it wasn't good for me, but it was so nice to finally have real diet cherry cola. That diet vanilla cherry stuff that they sell here tastes like cough syrup. I usually had one a day while in Indiana and it provided a sweet zero calorie oasis of joy for me for 7 months. I'll be ok though, I know that there are more pleasures in life than the sweet burst of fake cherry flavour mixed into a bubbly brain damaging cola. I may suffer a bit of withdrawl, but I got over my addiction to Marshmallow Mateys and I am a better person because of it. I do have the occasional relapse when I see a box of lucky charms in the cereal isle, but if I can get by without the fake styrofoamy toxic marshmallows then I can do without my diet cherry pepsi too.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Spider Pig Theme Song

I'm not a huge Simpsons fan, but I went to see the Simpsons Movie yesterday. I went with my brother-in-law who is a pretty big simpsons fan. I was expecting to sit there and not laugh, but I giggled throughout and found it to be quite funny.

My favourite part was the famous Spider Pig scene, but what really made me chuckle was the spider pig theme song that played during the credits. I wonder who had the privelege of singing this "classical" choral arrangement - it's stinkin hilarious!! I'm thinking that I might just have to do a solo operatic version of this at my next recital:)

Friday, August 03, 2007


Somehow I have let my disappontment in people affect the way I see God. How could I have let that happen? He hasn't disappointed me at all, they have.
Super imposing my feelings or thoughts about humans on God; I think I do that often without even realizing it. My view of God is so wrong.