Monday, June 30, 2008


Sometimes slapping a bandaid over a wound can give the impression that we are healed. Yet when the bandaid is ripped off we realize that by covering the wound up it has only gotten worse.
I've been slapping bandaids all over my wounds for a long time now.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


The other day Jen, Achilles and I were reminiscing about the children's television shows that we grew up on. Achilles downloaded the theme songs to all of them and we listened. Oh the memories that came back is we listened to The Polka Dot Door, Today's Special and of course Mr. Dress-up. Wow children's Television has changed drastically since then.

As we were singing along, Achilles joked about how I sound like the polka dot door lady. And you know what I realized? I am the polka dot door lady!!! My kindermusik classes are just like episodes of the polkadot door - EXCEPT - I don't put my ear up to my "stuffed animal" friends and ask "what's that you say Marigold(or bear or dumpty or humpty)" AND my man co-host doesn't "leave" just before the polkaroo comes to vist. And then conveniently return as himself only to have "missed him (the polkaroo) again". . . . um, Denis we always knew it was you in the polkaroo costume!!!