Monday, May 22, 2006

DIVA 101

Do you think you have what it takes to be a diva or divo?
Do you long to find out more about what it takes to be a diva/o?
Do you know that you are wonderful, and beautiful and near perfect but need some guidance on how to assert those qualities? . . .
then this is the class for you.

DIVA 101
The beginner class for the aspiring diva or divo. A lecture in song designed to give the foundational lessons as you begin to master the art of being a diva or divo. ***Please note *** All may not have what it takes to be a diva/o so those who wish to solely bask in the presence and radiance of the expert professors are more than welcome to audit the course. :)

Soprano - Andrea "Diva" McNeil
Tenor - Willis "Divo" Bote
with Collaborative Pianist - Jennifer Tung
for a rare recital experience as we celebrate the uniqueness of the Diva and the Divo.
When: Sunday June 4, 2006 @ 7pm
Where: Heliconian Hall, 35 Hazelton Ave
Yorkville, Toronto
Tickets: $12 at the door
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Diva 101 promo photoshoot out-takes

Divo & Diva in the garden
Divo has Diva cracking up
Divo's envy prompts him to take action!!
Diva gets her revenge!!!
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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Campaign for Real Beauty

Today as I was running my recital errands all over the city , I couldn't help but notice the most recent Dove ads that are plastered on the walls of several subway stations.
When the Campaign for Real Beauty was launched by Dove last year, I was excited about the idea of seeing beautiful women portrayed in a realistic way. The new skin firming ads have made me jump out of my seat and shout bravo once again!! It was really refreshing for me to see women who I could actually identify with in the "8 women. 16 curvy thighs. 0 bony supermodels." ads.

Have the ads convinced me to go out and buy the new dove firming lotion? No - I do realize that it will take more than a lotion to firm up those "great curves" of mine, but I still say Kudos to dove for being bold and taking the initiative to change the way women are portrayed in advertising. Yaaay Dove!! Real women do have real curves - thanks for noticing :)

Monday, May 15, 2006

Lessons from Auntie Diva

(Julia practices her "puh-wease Daddy" look. Poor Achilles- no doubt he'll always be giving in to the Lil' Diva - how could anyone possibly say "no" to that adorable face? :)

Diva Lesson #5
Mastering the Art of always getting what you want.
A true Diva always gets whatever her little heart desires. Admittedly sometimes the diva must resort to trickery in order to convince others to let her have her way. The "Puh-wease Daddy" look is one trick that is guaranteed to never fail the diva no matter how unreasonable her plea may be.
Tips on how to master the "Puh-wease Daddy" look:
1. Begin by stepping away from the "unconvinced source"(in most cases Daddy) and mess up the hair a little (see above photo). Looking slightly disheveled causes the source to feel more sympathy for you in your sad state.
2. Tuck in the bottom lip in a pouting kind of way(see above photo). Of course you won't actually cry - but if the source thinks that there's any chance that you might they are more likely to give in a lot sooner.
3. Work those baby blues!! Widen the eyes and make them look a little glassed over with sadness, yet at the same time show how much you love your source (see above photo). Bottom line - Use those eyes to melt their hardened icy heart!!
4. Look as adorable as possible, which never proves to be difficult for the true Diva (see above photo) - Let's face it, no one can resist the cuteness that comes with the territory of divadom especially not Daddy:)
Follow these easy steps and you're sure to always get whatever your little heart desires.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Hip Hop Jello Jiggler Dancing Queen

I've discovered a new way to get in shape. It's the newest class at my gym called Body Jam that has motivated me to move more regularly. It's this dance class that incorporates aerobics with a bit of jazz, a bit of hip hop, and few moves thrown in here and there that look a little dare I say stripperesque. Only woman have had the guts to show up to the classes so far even at the co-ed gyms, which is probably a good thing cause there's some serious distraction potential there. All I have to say is boy oh boy do I look like a sizzling hot hottie doing the class . . .

Ok I look like a complete moron and very similar to one of those jiggling Jello mold cakes that my grandma used to make when I was a kid, especially when we are directed to, and I quote "shake that thang":) It's a great hour of fun nonetheless even with the interesting wobble in my derriere. It's not so hard to get up off my jello jiggler butt to head off to the gym anymore. woo hoo!!

I'm thinking that if I work hard enough this class may just be the ticket I'll need to make that career change I've been considering.

Forget Opera Diva - right now I kinda prefer the title
Hip Hop Jello Jiggler Dancing Queen. . . .
I just don't know how my tiara is going to fit into the whole "I'm so cool cause I can shake that thang" look that comes with the territory . . . . . . . mah, I'll make it work.
It's definitely about time I start investing myself into another pointless art form, and I say why not Body Jam? Really what do I have to lose? I hope it's some of that unwanted jiggle, but if not maybe I can work out a sweet deal with the Jello company to be their new wobbly spokesmodel:) hmmmm. . . looks Promising:)