Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Untactful Beef

My beef today goes beyond beef. Some people seriously have no tact. Today our family received photos in the mail. Photos from almost a year ago of our family standing by my grandmother's grave the day we buried her. First off, WHO takes pictures at a funeral???? Especially without the family's permission!!! It's not like everyone wants a photo of that moment so that they can look back and remember the pain, and sorrow. Who thinks that taking pictures of a family's private moment of grief is acceptable? Clearly there are people who do!!!! I don't know if the people who took the photos thought that we would appreciate them or what, but I seriously didn't need to see them. . . the details of that day are etched in my mind as it is thank you very much!! It's hard to know how to reply to such an untactful gesture.


Vaness said...

Hey Diva,
Sorry this was a hurtful reminder of a painful day for you. Perhaps this person didn't realize it was uncouth or inconsiderate. In some cultures it's perfectly acceptable (and expected) to take pictures at a funeral. For instance 2 years ago when both my grandparents died (at different times during the year) there were SEVERAL pictures taken of the family POSING around the casket. Weird? Yep. Cultural...definitely. So...they might have thought it was normal and wanted you to have them. Unfortunately that isn't the case for you.
Anyway, just some thoughts.

Andrea said...

You're so right Vaness, it absolutely is a cultural thing . . . and my family does realize that the people who sent them thought it was normal. . . . I've cooled down about it since yesterday. Photos at funerals still bother me though. I hope noone takes pictures of my funeral. . .