Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Om nom nom nom nom!!!

 "Your words were found, and I ate them, 
and your words became to me a joy and the delight of my heart...."
Jeremiah 15:16 

Every time I think of this bible verse, which I refer to often as I'm reminded of it each time I pick up my bible or hear from God's word via sermon or teaching, I can't help but think of Cookie Monster. Yes, I said Cookie Monster.  I don't necessarily picture the fuzzy, blue, googly eyed muppet messily devouring his food as much as I do the sound he makes as he eats: "Om nom nom nom nom!"   Strange? Yes, but can I help that I have been created to walk around with seemingly inappropriate sound bites in my head? 

We all know that Cookie Monster enjoys cookies a lot (he also enjoys alphabet letters and phones and other inanimate objects, which I think makes him funny and likable.)  In essence though, this guy is all about eating cookies. His main motivation is cookies. He's constantly thinking about and longing for cookies.  He spends most of his time on Sesame Street waiting to get his hands on cookies to eat so that he can enjoy and delight in them. 

I've been enjoying the Cookie Monster sound imagery so much lately that I decided to look up some videos of him eating.   In my research I came across this little video where cookie monster teaches the correct way to eat a cookie.  I honestly thought that cookie monster was a little careless in his eating of cookies and other objects, cause let's face it the dude lacks some major self control, but I think I may have judged him too soon.  Here he teaches a wise, thoughtful, intentional way to eat a cookie.   Maybe this muppet is onto something... who would have thought that one could indirectly learn something from Cookie Monster about ways to devour the word of God!
Cookie Monster's Way to Eat a cookie:
1. Look at Cookie 2. Identify cookie  3. Smell cookie  4. Eat it!!  "om, nom nom nom nom" 5.  Eat the crumbs so to not let any of it go to waste.

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